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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my own cat to the café?

To maintain the health and safety of the cats in our care, we do not allow any outside cats into the café. This is for the overall wellbeing of our foster kitties as well as all guests in the lounge. This also means that we cannot accept any surrendered, found, or abandoned cats at our cafe. Please contact animal rescues in the area if you or a loved one are in need of assistance.

Why can't I use a laser pointer at the café?

Laser pointers can be frustrating for cats due to the absence of a tangible "prey" to catch. Additionally, even when those using them are extremely careful, laser pointers carry the risk of blinding cats instantly if the beam catches their eyes. Because of this, we ask that no guests bring laser pointers into the lounge.

Where does the Cat Café get their cats from?

All of our cats are from a local rescue, SAFE Team. SAFE Team is volunteer based and non-profit charity that is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing animals who are unwanted, abandoned, abused, feral or facing euthanasia in Alberta. They are a group that receives no government funding and survives solely on independent donors to help provide for and support their animals. We have partnered with them to help aid in their mission to finding forever homes for their cats.

How do the Cat Café and SAFE Team Rescue work together?

The Cat Café on Whyte is a business that has partnered with SAFE Team who provides our feline friends. What this means is that the Cat Café on Whyte is the provider for the facility, daily labor costs of care for the cats, staff and supplies (such as litter, sanitation products, toys, cat trees, beds, etc). SAFE Team is the group who provides food, volunteers, cleaning protocols and, of course, the cats! We work together to provide the cats with comfortable, stable and home-like accommodations until they are adopted into their forever home.

What type of cats come to the Cat Café?

In order for a cat to be selected to join the Cat Café family it first must be spayed/neutered, microchipped, up-to-date on vaccines, and be in good health. SAFE Team will perform behavioral analysis on each cat selected to ensure he/she will strive in a social environment. Most cats selected are above 5 months of age and are already accustomed to socializing with other cats and humans to guarantee a smooth transition from the shelter to the Cat Café.

How does the adoption process work?

While the cats at our cafe are not currently available for adoption, SAFE Team is still doing adoptions out of their shelter! Head to to see who's available and fill out an application, and SAFE Team will contact you if you are the purrrfect match! Please note that the Cat Café on Whyte and our staff are not involved in the adoption process in any capacity.

What does the admission fee cover?

The admission fee is what covers the overhead costs of ensuring our business is successful and can continue to operate to find homes for rescue cats. The fee covers a multitude of items such as rent, paying staff members, litter, utilities and many other contributing costs to ensuring a sustainable business.

How do you keep all of the cats healthy?

Here at the Cat Café on Whyte, the health of the cats is our number one priority. We have cat nannies on shift who monitor the cat’s behaviors, eating/drinking habits, grooming schedules and cleaning procedures to ensure that our cats are thriving in the best environment possible. In the event that a cat is not doing well, SAFE Team is contacted and they will send a member to check up on the cat and assess if any necessary medical attention is required. If a medical problem occurs that needs immediate attention, the cat will be brought to receive veterinary treatment as soon as possible. Occasionally the cat will need to be brought back to the shelter for rehoming if they are not doing as well as anticipated.


What is different between the Cat Café and a traditional shelter?

At a traditional shelter, cats are usually placed in small rooms or cages to await their adoption. Here at the Cat Café, we provide a home-like environment where the cats' personalities can flourish. By doing this we are able to house cats who seek a social lifestyle and enjoy interacting with our human customers. At the shelter, they are able to accommodate for the cats who are more solitary and would be frustrated in a highly social environment. Both styles of housing for cats need to coexist in order to give cats the best possible living situations.

Where does all of your coffee come from?

Here at the Cat Café, we try to support as many local businesses as possible. Our coffee beans come from ACE Coffee Roasters which is all locally roasted. We also receive local fresh baked goods and sell meowchandise such as cat toys made by a fellow Edmontonian. Our coffee is freshly roasted, top quality, and is sure to surpass your expectations!

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