Choose your visit

All paid admissions include unlimited drinks!

Monday - Wednesday

Ages 13+:  $16
Ages 7-12: $11

Ages 1-6:  $6

Ages under 1: Free 

Thursday - Friday

Ages 13+: $17

Ages 7-12: $12

Ages 1-6: $7

Ages under 1: Free

Saturday - Sunday

Ages 13+: $18

Ages 7-12: $13

Ages 1-6: $8

Ages under 1: Free

Shoes must be removed and socks must be worn. Kids under 7 must remain in the lower cat lounge with adult supervision. Supervision requirements are 1 adult per 1 child under 7, and 1 adult per 2 kids aged 7-12.

Reservations are not mandatory but they are recommended for weekends or holidays, or any day for larger groups and groups with children. Please call or email us to book one!


1 Hour Cat Lounge Visit 
(walk-ins are welcome)

Yoga with Cats

On the 3rd Saturday of every month,  we host a cat yoga session from 8:30-9:30AM. We are partnered with Prana Yoga Studio to ensure a high-quality mixed-level class. The $20 admission also includes 30 minutes before and after yoga in our cat lounge. Reservations are mandatory.

Call 780-250-2287 or email to reserve.

How to find us:

BUS: You can find your way to the Cat Cafe on bus number 4, 7, 94, or 926 and you will want to get off at 101 Street on 82 (Whyte) Avenue. 
LRT: The closest LRT station to us is the University Station, however, you would need to transfer to a transit bus to make it the rest of the way here. 

You can find our cafe located on the east end of 82 (Whyte) Avenue on 101 Street. You can't miss us!

Free 2- Hour parking
If you are driving or carpooling to our cafe we do have a free parking lot just around the back of our building. Keep in mind, we share this parking space with the other businesses near us so we don't have specific "Cat Cafe Parking" signage posted. The gravel parking lots is only good for 2 hours and there is a potential to be towed if you overstay the time limit -- so please be mindful if you plan to wander Whyte Avenue after your visit with us. 
Street Parking
All street parking is city property and will require payment at the nearest meter. The closest meter is half a block west of our cafe. Payment can cover up-to a maximum of 2 hours during regular hours and is free after 6pm and on Sundays.