What is a Cat Cafe?

About Cat Cafe on Whyte

Cat Cafe On Whyte had its grand opening on March 30, 2017. There are two sections to our cafe: the serving side (cat free; where your beverages are served) and the cat lounge. We serve a variety of specialty drinks, sweet treats sold fresh daily from local Edmonton bakeries.


Kids are welcome at all times, but ages 6 and under must stay in the lower lounge and 1 adult per child is required. Kids aged 7-12 require 1 adult per 2 kids for supervision in the lounge.

Please keep in mind that footwear is removed and socks must be worn on feet in the lounge at all times. Socks are available for purchase in our cafe if needed.

Cat Cafe on Whyte is taking care of rescue cats from SAFE team group until they find their forever homes. We usually have around 12-18 cats and have a fairly high turnover rate due to increased adoptable cat visibility. To apply for a specific cat, go to and fill out an application today!