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What is a Cat Cafe?

About Cat Cafe on Whyte

Cat Cafe's exist for a few purposes; their original purpose after blossoming in Japan was to facilitate visits between cats and people living in accommodations that do not allow pets! This philosophy and practice has allowed the Cat Cafe ideology to flourish globally.

In North America, Cat Cafe's are generally used for the purposes of getting rescue cats adopted through increased visibility of adoptable pets!

Cat Café On Whyte had its grand opening on March 30, 2017. There are two sections to our café: the serving side (cat free; where your beverages are made and served) and the cat lounge. We serve a variety of specialty drinks, ranging from espresso to refreshers and smoothies, as well as sweet treats sold fresh daily from local, peanut-free Edmonton bakeries.

Cat Café on Whyte is a temporary foster home for rescue cats from SAFE Team shelter! We provide a calm, sociable environment for guests of all ages to enjoy the company of cats.


Kids are welcome at all times, but ages 6 and under must stay in the lower lounge.


Due to supervision requirements put in place by our partnered shelter, every one child aged 6 or below must be accompanied by one adult. Kids aged 7-12 require one adult per two kids for supervision in the lounge.

Please keep in mind that we require footwear to be removed and socks to be worn on all feet in the lounge at all times. Don't let this deter you if you've already started your journey to us! We sell adorable, cat themed socks in our café for only $2.99+GST if needed.

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